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Our pillars

cultivating talent

Cultivating talent

Everyone has a special talent. We believe that sharing and transferring knowledge helps everyone realise their full potential. We’ve created an environment that allows people to find and grow their talent. We work in cross-functional collaborative teams to create things that are larger than life.

inspiring community

Inspiring community

We like to inspire each other and combine our knowledge. That’s why we continuously share feedback and ideas. We believe this aspiration shouldn’t stop at our office walls. Our minds and doors are always open to learn and improve. We are actively helping to build and inspire communities.

innovating business

Innovating business

We have a deep understanding about business, design and technology. We believe this combination is a critical asset for creating the digital solutions of tomorrow. Our talented people, inspired by our community allow us to help organisations transform ideas into innovative digital solutions and new ways of doing business.

Our story

Sweet Mustard finds its roots at the borders of the Leie in Kortrijk. It originated through a unique cooperation between Cronos Group and TVH, two top achieving companies in Belgium.

We inherited a healthy bit of ambition from TVH that became a world player in just 30 years. They achieved this by continuously applying their knowledge to their operations in clever and flexible ways. Today, TVH is building a company that will be able to withstand the comparison with world players like Spotify, Amazon or Tesla. They are realising this by amplifying their know-how with new technology and innovative ways of organising work.

Cronos is equally a proven business integrator in Belgium. For decades they have been building a unique ecosystem for the digital world. Knowledge and know-how, entrepreneurship and ‘empowerment’ are the key ingredients to their success.

Are the strengths we inherited from our parents the keys for success? At Sweet Mustard we truly believe this is the way forward. Building world-class companies requires a healthy chunk of ambition while staying firmly grounded. Our technical know-how is as strong as other digital companies, but we add our strategic and operational cleverness and flexibility to the mix.

Sweet Mustard is formed with team players that cherish the ambition to embrace digital technology at every step of the way. We help businesses realise their ambitious future. We want to cooperate openly with companies that are willing to grow according to new models, new rules and think beyond the product. If you ask us, the brightest Flemish minds will work with us on world-class solutions close to home.